Web 2.0 Tool #5 Remind.com

Website: Remind.com

My Link: remind.com/join/mrrozelle

Description: Remind.com is a widely used web tool that allows for communication between students, parents, and teachers. Remind.comThe organization has a website and has also developed an app that can be used on most mobile devices. The tool gives teachers the opportunity to send out announcements to an entire class and their parents. These announcements can be translated and support multimedia (within a certain size). These announcements can be scheduled for future dates as well. text.remind.comAside from announcements, the platform has a chat feature. Teachers can communicate directly with parents and students and vice versa. All chat logs are saved to support accountability, and the teacher can block participants in the case of harassment or misconduct. Students phone numbers and other personal contact information are kept completely confidential through this platform. Students can ask questions about homework, teachers can give reminders to students about upcoming events, and parents can communicate questions and concerns to teachers.

Web 2.0 Tool #4 Wordle

Website: www.wordle.net

Description: WConverted_file_865d9044ordle is a visual description of a concept based on word frequency. The user inserts a list of words into the website. The more times a word is used, the larger the word in the resulting graphic. Wordle allows users to randomize the graphic to change the direction, layout, and colors of the visual. The user can save any of these as a .PNG file or send them to a printer. The visual is useful in PowerPoints, posters, and for worksheets in the classroom. Wordle can also be used by students to represent concepts for their own work.

Web 2.0 Tool #3 Screencast-O-Matic

Website: http://screencast-o-matic.com

Description: Screencast-O-Matic is one of the most useful free tools for educators looking to implement a flipped classroom, an online class, or for variety within a traditional classroom. The tool downloads a program to the user’s computer and opens a recording option. The tool allows the user to select the area of the screen to be recorded. The recorder supports webcam and audio enhancements so that the user can add a side-by-side video or audio narration.


In the above example, I used the feature that inserts captions to narrate the tutorial without audio. Though the free version does not support computer audio recording and only allows for 15-minute recordings, the pro-version adds these and several other useful features. The result is a clean video capture that can be saved to the computer, uploaded to the Screencast-O-Matic website, or uploaded to YouTube.

Web 2.0 Tool #2 Padlet

Website: http://padlet.com

My link: http://padlet.com/rozellecd/theancients

Description: Padlet is an online, highly customizable bulletin board. The interface supports multiple users but can be limited to a single editor. The bulletin boardPadlet image can be arranged in three modes, and supports file uploads, web links, YouTube videos, and even webcams. The background, title, and even the URL are also customizable. The finished product can be shared in multiple formats and supports embedded links.