2018 Projects!

It’s January and time to write up some of the things I’ve got planned for this year. To be honest, a lot of this year is shrouded in uncertainty. The only two things I am certain of are completing of my undergraduate teaching degree and participating in the Minecraft Global Mentor program this year.

To complete my major in Secondary English Education, my only requirement left is student teaching. I’ve got a great cooperating teacher in a local school who I worked with all last semester. My students and I know each other from that practicum experience, and I’ve taught several lessons with them. What I’m really excited for is trying to figure out a teacher-student teacher co-teaching model. My University Supervisor has taken notice of the research surrounding co-teaching at the teacher training level and is encouraging us to co-teach instead of taking over the classroom completely. The research shows that this is a better model for student teaching because there is more cooperation and dialogue between the veteran teacher and the student teacher. This should prove to be a rich learning experience for me!

Last night I attended the first meeting for the 2018 Minecraft Global Mentors. The program has swelled to 340 mentors from over 70 countries, which is really exciting. During this program, I’ll have access to these phenomenal educators and the Minecraft: Education Edition team as well as get to add more content via blog posts, lessons, and interviews to the community. I’v worked and spent time with several of these people during my ongoing English Educraft journey that began last year, so I know this will be another period of growth and investment in game-based learning.

Other than that, I’m not sure what this year holds. I might begin a graduate degree, substitute teach, or perhaps apply for a teaching position. I might be moving to a different city or town, and I could end up finding a temporary full time job to tide me over to a teaching position. The goal is to land a teaching position in a city, but there are several financial obstacles that will prevent me from that, so it is likely that I will be working for a while until those items are sorted out.

For now, I’m going to focus on my student teaching and the students I’ll get the privilege of interacting with over the next four months. Maybe when that’s finished I’ll have the opportunity to sit down and update this post with some more concrete plans for the latter portion of the year!

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